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SeaZen Reef Displays

SeaZen offers unique Eco-friendly reef displays that are perfect for your home or office. 

No need to purchase large amounts of expensive live rock, simply install a SeaZen Reef Display and seed it with small piece of live rock.  In time your tank will be booming with life!

Benefits of these one of a kind Eco-friendly Reef Displays

  • 100% natural materials
  • Zero impact on our natural reefs
  • No unwanted pests or nuisance algae
  • Gives you control of what you put in your reef.
  • Porous material giving beneficial bacteria a large area to grow
  • Safe for marine and fresh water environments
  • Colors up quickly
  • Completely self-supporting, no gluing necessary
  • Each piece is unique and signed by the Artist
  • Custom sizes available on request
  • Made in the USA